Friday, July 24, 2009

July 22nd Meeting

We had three (3) guests at our meeting! Welcome to repeat visitor, Joan Carlisle, and to new guests: Gary Connor and Dee Dee Carden!

The Toastmaster for the evening was Bob Daigneault, CC. We had two speeches: D. Kirkland gave the last speech needed to complete another leadership level! Congratulations, D.! Tim Manson gave a Folk Tale speech from the Storytelling manual ("The Armadillo's Song"). The evaluator was: Frank Jaworski. Table Topics Master was D. Kirkland.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Margarette Mattern

Margarette Mattern was the only Toastmaster who satisfied the time requirements for her project! Both speeches and the evaluation went over time. One other Table Topics speaker went over time. This is something we will need to work on in the future. Congratulations to Margarette for showing us how it's supposed to be done!

Our visitors all made thoughtful comments after the meeting was over. Joan said, "I could be intimidated by the great speeches or I could choose to aspire." There's a future Toastmaster, if ever I heard one! I'm looking forward to hearing your first speech, Joan!

July 15th Meeting

Theme for the evening: "You never know when one kind act or word of encouragement can change a life forever." Zig Ziglar

We had one guest -- Jerry Norton (who generously brought some old TM materials he no longer needed and which he donated to our club!)

The Toastmaster for the evening was Janet Scherer. Gale Brazier gave her 5th speech from the C & L manual. Lynn Johnson evaluated Gale's speech. Table Topics were conducted by Kathy Thrush. Kathy brought 3 items to the table -- a rock, a plant and a crystal cup. Table Topics revolved around those three items.

The word of the day was: galvinize

Best Speaker: Gale Brazier

Best Evaluator: Lynn Johnson

Best Table Topics Speaker: Anna Jaworski

July 8th Meeting

Our theme for the evening was: "You cannot run away from weakness; you must at some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?" -- Robert Louis Stevenson

Our word for the day was: concatenate

D. Kirkland was our Toastmaster of the evening. There were 2 speeches: Anna Jaworski gave an Ice Breaker speech (per Katie Thieme's request) and Tim Manson gave an inspirational speech. Table Topics were conducted by Janet Scherer. Tim Manson evaluated Anna's speech and Jim Cross evaluated Tim's speech.

Best Speaker: Tim Manson, DTM

Best Evaluator: Jim Cross, ACG/CL

Best Table Topics Speaker: Nora Payan

July 1st Meeting

The meeting started by having Area Governor, Frank Jaworski, swear in the new officers. Anna Jaworski passed the gavel to new President, Lita Daniel, who then presided over the meeting.

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Tim Manson, DTM. We had two speakers -- Gale Brazier and Jim Cross. Jim Cross is a returning member and we're so excited he's back! His speech was entitled, "Where Have You Been?" and he regaled us with tales of what he did during his lapse in membership.

Table Topics were conducted by Lita Daniel. Evaluators for the evening were Frank Jaworski for Gale's speech and D. Kirkland for Jim's speech.

Best Speaker: Jim Cross

Best Table Topics Speaker: Lynn Johnson

Best Evaluator: D. Kirkland