Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 2nd Meeting

Our business meeting took a little more time than normal because we may have to have a change of venue. It appears the Catholic Church now wants to charge us to use the room we're using. There was some discussion about places we might check into. Frank will check into the Ronald McDonald House per Gale's suggestion and Bob will check on the 1st Baptist Church in Belton, since we're really prefer to keep our club in Belton.

We had two prepared speeches -- Joan Carlisle gave her Ice Breaker Speech and was evaluated by Tim Manson and Gale Brazier gave Speech #8 from the C & L Manual and was evaluated by Jim Cross. The Toastmaster for the evening was Frank Jaworski. Table Topics were conducted by Bob Daigneault.

Stephen Dorsey was a returning guest to our meeting.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Katie Thieme

Best Evaluator: Jim Cross

Best Speaker: Joan Carlisle

August 26th Meeting

This meeting we had a repeat visitor, Stephen Dorsey. Welcome Stephen!

There were two prepared speeches for the evening -- Gale Brazier gave a speech from her Communication and Leadership Manual entitled, "The "E" Church" and Anna Jaworski gave speech #10 from the Communication and Leadership Manual with an inspirational speech entitled, "Finding Balance in a Topsy-Turvy World" which is only part of a keynote address she will give in Orlando, Florida next month for the American Heart Association.

Table Topics were conducted by Kathy Thrush and the Toastmaster for the evening was Bob Daigneault.

Best Speaker for the evening was Anna Jaworski.

Best Table Topic Speaker was Stephen Dorsey.

Both Evaluators went over time, so no best award was given. :-(