Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 24th Meeting -- 5th Anniversary Celebration!

What an amazing celebration we had on June 24th at Luigi's in Belton. Here are some photos showing the visitors and club members present.

Visible in this photo are: a little bit of Lynn Johnson,
Club Coach, D. Kirkland,visitor Dorothy Mattieson,
visitor Matt Mattieson, Lita Daniel and Janet Scherer.

In this photo from the top of the table and moving clockwise:
Frank Jaworski, Bob Daigneault, Lynn Johnson, D. Kirkland,
Lita Daniel, Janet Scherer, Kerri Dehn, Katie Thieme,
Tim Manson and visitor Ken Butler

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Lynn Johnson. We had three speeches. Anna Jaworski began by proposing a toast to Texas Stars Toastmasters in celebration of their fifth anniversary (Specialty Speeches manual). Bob Daigneault gave his final speech to complete his Competent Communicator's designation with a rousing speech about Power Aging (Speech #10, CC Manual) and Katie Thieme gave a tongue-in-cheek speech about the English language and the need for s/he in everyday speech (Speech #2, CC Manual).

The winner for Best Speaker was Katie Thieme

Our Table Topics Master for the evening was Frank Jaworski who provided Texas Stars Toastmasters with challenging topics related to the annivesary theme.

Winner of Best Table Topics Speaker was Tim Manson, DTM

There were three excellent evaluations conducted on the speeches given.
Best Evaluator was D. Kirkland, ACM-B/ALB

Here is a photo of Bob Daigneault, after receiving his pin for achieving his Competent Communicator status, holding the book that inspired his speech Power Aging.

In addition to all of the great speeches, evaluations and table topics, we voted for our new leadership board, which take office next week. D. Kirkland also gave certificates of appreciation to outgoing officers:

President: Anna Jaworski, ACS/CL
VP-Education: Tim Manson, DTM
VP-PR: D. Kirkland, ACB/ALB
VP-Membership: Lita Daniel, CC
Treasurer: Bob Daigneault
Secretary: Janet Scherer, ACB/CL
Sergeant-at-Arms: Frank Jaworski, ACB/CL

The new officers are:

President: Lita Daniel, CC
VP-Education: Tim Manson, DTM
VP-PR: D. Kirkland, ACB/ALB
VP-Membership: Janet Scherer, ACB/CL
Treasurer: Anna Jaworski, ACS/CL
Secretary: Katie Thieme
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Daigneault, CC

Also of note, our new Area Governor is Frank Jaworski, ACB/CL!

Next week: Officer Induction by Area Governor, Frank Jaworski and New Member Induction.
Our meeting will take place at our regular venue, Christ the King Catholic Church (portable building number 1).

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