Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July 29th Meeting

Our theme for the evening was: "I can choose to be intimidated or to aspire. I think I'll choose the latter." by Joan Carlisle

Our President, Lita Daniel, opened the meeting and ACG/CL Jim Cross led the club in the Prayer and Pledge. After the business meeting, Anna Jaworski assumed Toastmaster duties. Our Joke Master was ACB/ALB Janet Scherer. D. Kirkland was the General Evaluator and she introduced the Grammarian, CC Lita Daniel and Timer, CC Bob Daigneault.

Our first speaker was Katie Thieme who gave Speech #3 from the C & L manual. Her speech title was "On Being a Senior Citizen." Our second speaker was Kathy Thrush, who gave Speech #2 from the C & L manual with a speech entitled "Why Not Wildflowers?" Our third speaker for the evening was Gale Brazier who gave Speech #6 from the C & L manual with her speech entitled "The Second Front."

Table Topics were conducted by Nora Payan.

Our Speech Evaluators were Frank Jaworski for Katie Thieme's speech, Tim Manson for Kathy Thrush's speech and Jim Cross for Gale Brazier's speech.

Best Speaker for the evening was Katie Thieme.

Best Evaluator for the evening was Jim Cross.

Best Table Topics Speaker for the evening was Tim Manson.

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